Personalized Disk Necklace ~ Great Christmas Gift!

Repurposed Scraps of Metal = Unique Piece of Personalized Jewelry

Bird Feeder!! Wine Barrel Rings ~ Repurposed

I love this! I especially love that my husband made it for me and he didn't have to buy anything to make it!!. .....It comes in handy to have a junk hoarding wife and the 84 drawer metal cabinet full of nuts, bolts, etc. didn't hurt either!

This is made from 3 wine barrel rings, an old galvanized pan, chain, nuts and bolts.  It was super simple and required just a drill for the holes and a few wrenches for tightening....oh, and the birdseed!

Come on birds! 

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Repurposing Fun!! and Salvaged Finds!

Hey! Just in case any of you are like me and have a serious love, need, have to have...or I'll have issues, intense desire for vintage chippy painted furniture then never, ever, assume that you won't find what you're looking for at a school surplus auction!! I went to one last weekend and look at the cool vintage school chest that I scored for a mere $12.00 bid!

Salvaged Pieces of Copper + Enamel Powder = Unique Jewelry!

I love enameling on copper! I especially love it when people give me pieces of copper that are leftover scraps from a job site and I can do what I love.....repurpose!! The pieces below are made from copper, bits of chain, jumprings and clasps from my stash of costume and vintage jewelry and some fishing swivels from my yardsale find tackle box! I used a new technique I discovered to make these look like little rusty relics!  I love them! These are already for sale in Enjoy the Store Visalia but I'll be making more for my Etsy Store soon!

Family Rules Sign

I love signs with a message.  I made a larger version of this sign years ago as a house warming gift for my best friend.  Here's your chance to make one for yourself!

I've decided to do something a bit different this time as far as a tutorial goes.  Instead of creating a step by step list of instructions on my Blog I'll be sending an email with a .pdf or a .pub file of the entire wording layout so you can print and make your own sign. I will also let you know what I used to trace the words onto the board and how I distressed and protected the finished product.

Snowman Clan Christmas Ornaments ~ Repurposed Keys

If you've checked out my blog you'll see that I have another post featuring my cute little Snowmen Ornaments.  These little guys are distant relatives of theirs that just arrived in town.  They're made in the same way as the others but these little guys have embellished brass key bodies that I salvaged from a key shop in town that was going out of business. The creative possibilities with these little guys are endless!

Trash to Treasured Handmade Christmas Tree

I remember my grandmother, Alice Ruth, having a Christmas tree made from a Manzanita tree limb. I've always wanted to recreate that memory and make one that my grand kids would remember. So, this year I'm not putting up my usual green fake Christmas tree and instead I've decided to create my own!

I'm not posting this as a complete step by step tutorial with a materials list but more like a "look what I did today" and here's how I did it sort of post.  With that being said if anyone has any questions please send me an email and I'll be happy to answer.

Granite Cheese Board Tutorial Christmas Gift!

Someone I know was gifted one of these granite cheese boards years ago at a Christmas party and I loved it so much that my husband and I made about 12 of them that year for Christmas gifts.

Handmade Christmas Gift for a Penny!

Well....maybe not for a penny but on a penny?  If you're like me and tired of  all of the plastic and throw away Christmas gifts that are out there year after year and you have time to get a little creative with your gift giving on the cheap then this little tutorial is for you!  

Pet Bed ~ Christmas Project ~ Repurposed Drawer

First of all Happy Thanksgiving! I had a little time in between cooking so I thought I'd add a little project for all of  you pet owners out there.  This project was super simple!  I've taken a wooden drawer from a broken down dresser and repurposed it into a pet bed.  I completed this project a couple of years ago so I don't have the step by step pictures so I'll number them instead.
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