Bird Feeder!! Wine Barrel Rings ~ Repurposed

I love this! I especially love that my husband made it for me and he didn't have to buy anything to make it!!. .....It comes in handy to have a junk hoarding wife and the 84 drawer metal cabinet full of nuts, bolts, etc. didn't hurt either!

This is made from 3 wine barrel rings, an old galvanized pan, chain, nuts and bolts.  It was super simple and required just a drill for the holes and a few wrenches for tightening....oh, and the birdseed!

Come on birds! 

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Tim did a great job!!! That

Tim did a great job!!! That is really cute. I bet your going to have a yard full of happy birds.

Very cute! What a great

Very cute! What a great hubby. Thank you for linking up to the Talk of the Town link party!

It's fabulous! Just what I'd

It's fabulous! Just what I'd want in my garden!

Very cool!!! Thanks for

Very cool!!! Thanks for popping by Talk of the Town!

How cute -- and very

How cute -- and very environmentally friendly. Hats off to Tim. I saw your link at the Talk of the Town's party.

Thank you! Glenda

Thank you! Glenda

Thank you! Yes, I have a

Thank you! Yes, I have a great husband! :)

I love it!! I picked up more

I love it!! I picked up more rings over the weekend so maybe I need two! :)

You're welcome!! Thank you!

You're welcome!! Thank you!

Thank you! Anne Marie

Thank you! Anne Marie

Wine barrel ring bird feeder

Hi! I couldn't find a picture of your bird feeder. Would love to see how it turned out. Thanks! Mary

MIssing pic

Hi! Mary, Yes, the pictures aren't showing up on a lot of my blog posts because I created them on another site and when I they transferred things were a little messed up.....I've added the pic to this one and will start fixing the rest when I have time. Thanks so much for finding my blog! Lisa

a lot of my blog posts

a lot of my blog posts because I created them on another site and when I they transferred things were a little messed up.....I've


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hey, such a great image. now i also try this at home.


Such a great idea to reuse things for a good cause.

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