Trash to Treasured Handmade Christmas Tree

I remember my grandmother, Alice Ruth, having a Christmas tree made from a Manzanita tree limb. I've always wanted to recreate that memory and make one that my grand kids would remember. So, this year I'm not putting up my usual green fake Christmas tree and instead I've decided to create my own!

I'm not posting this as a complete step by step tutorial with a materials list but more like a "look what I did today" and here's how I did it sort of post.  With that being said if anyone has any questions please send me an email and I'll be happy to answer.

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Okay, it's hard to take a good pic of a lit tree!
This is basically what I did...... I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when my bestie's  brother was trimming his Manzanita trees so I grabbed a piece and hauled it home this summer.  I sprayed one of the branches with matte white paint and left one of them natural.  My grandma's was sprayed with snow which is something I might add in the future.  Next, I cut the pieces into manageable sizes and placed them into an old cast iron urn that I've had for years and packed newspaper tightly around them to add stability.

Yes, I have a pink sink old washing machine in my backyard! Question is...why don't you! :)

Then, I mixed together 2 cups of mortar mix (cement mixed with sand) and 2 cups of Plaster of Paris and enough water to make it pourable and the consistency of pudding. I poured the mixture into my urn and tapped it down so it would get into all of the crevices.  It set up super fast, like within an hour, so I was able to complete my next step...adding the strings of white lights!


Once it was completed I started adding some of my favorite ornaments and decided to go with my glass and handmade pieces.  I also added some pine cones and some pieces of grapevines that I cut from my Dad's home years ago.  I added a grapevine wreath around the bottom so it would look like a bird's nest and a few bits of tinsel here and there. Then I topped it with my handmade blinged out Starfish star on the top. 

Glittered Starfish with Vintage Brooch ~ Rhinestone Button

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Love it. .can't wait for my

Love it. .can't wait for my own♡

Just let me know when!

Just let me know when!

I'm making this!!

I'm making this!!

Love that starfish!What a

Love that starfish!What a wonderful idea.

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I llove to read this type of post.

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