Handmade Christmas Gift for a Penny!

Well....maybe not for a penny but on a penny?  If you're like me and tired of  all of the plastic and throw away Christmas gifts that are out there year after year and you have time to get a little creative with your gift giving on the cheap then this little tutorial is for you!  

This tutorial isn't super hard but you do need a bit of experience working with solder and as always when working with anything that can splash or fly into your face make sure that you're wearing your safety goggles and have good ventilation because of the solder fumes.

You'll need:
  1. Penny any year will do but maybe you'll want the person's birth year?
  2. Flux 
  3. Lead free solder 
  4. Small torch or a soldering iron will work too! 
  5. Metal stamp (I was lucky enough to find an antique set) but you can pick up an  inexpensive set at Harbor Freight for around $10 for the smallest size.
  6. A good hammer 
  7. A firebrick or I use a brick from my yard 
  8. A drill to make a hole in the penny or you can glue on a bail. 
  9. Jump ring for hanging.  
  10. A necklace chain or my go to standard necklace is a metal ball chain like the pull chain on a fan.
 My very used and abused tools!

  • The first thing you do is make sure that the penny is super clean and free from any oils.
  • Apply flux to the entire side of the penny...I do this on the tail side so the date will still be visible.
  • Apply a generous amount of solder to the penny making sure that there's enough to create a dome and the sides are heated so the solder meets the edge.  If you have a solder pick you can manipulate the solder to the sides a bit or you can actually just use the solder on the roll to quickly move it.
  • Once this is done let the penny cool completely...and I mean completely otherwise you WILL get burned.
  • Select your stamp(s).  You can either stamp a single initial on this or a short word or name.  The solder is a really soft surface so your stamp will sink in really nicely and make a perfect indentation.
  • Move your penny to a hard surface.
  • Stamp your penny making sure that there's enough room at the top of the penny so you can drill a hole or if you're using a glue on bail you can stamp clear up to the top.
  • THIS IS THE GREAT THING ABOUT THIS PROJECT....if you mess up and hate the way the stamping looks then simply melt the solder again...let it cool and stamp it over! 
  • When you're done stamping either drill a hole in the penny or attach the glue on bail.
  • Use a sharpie to fill in the stamped area and remove the excess with a little alcohol on a rag.
  • Shine the surface with some fine steel wool.....I do this first and then finish it off with my secret weapon....an inexpensive 4 sided buffer from WalMart that I purchased in the nail section....I use them to shine all of my metal jewelry creations.
  • Add the jumpring and hang from the chain of your choice.

Penny in it's UGLY! stage after the solder is applied
    This makes a great pendant with a little weight to it so it hangs nicely.  The recipient will be so impressed!

    I hope you can follow this little tutorial but if you have any questions please just email me

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    Thank you so much, Betsy!
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    Love your easy to follow

    Love your easy to follow instructions. I might have to try this myself ♡

    Hi Lisa--love your pendant

    Hi Lisa--love your pendant and tutorial. I've never soldered before, but you've given me some courage! I'd love it if you linked this project (and any other vintage posts) at Vintage Charm. We open Thursdays at 8 am. Hope to see you there! Adirondack Girl @ Heart

    Thank you! Diana I'll post

    Thank you! Diana I'll post the link on Thursday.

    We love having you at the

    We love having you at the party--thanks for linking up. Hope to see you again :)

    LOVE this idea! I'm putting

    LOVE this idea! I'm putting in on my one-of-these-days list. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!

    What an awesome gift and

    What an awesome gift and project. Thanks for the tutorial!

    I SO want to try this!

    I SO want to try this! Thanks for sharing it at the Talk of the Town party - you are featured this week!

    Thank you for commenting!

    Thank you for commenting! Please share with your friends! Lisa

    Thank you so much!!

    Thank you so much!!

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