Repurposing Fun!! and Salvaged Finds!

Hey! Just in case any of you are like me and have a serious love, need, have to have...or I'll have issues, intense desire for vintage chippy painted furniture then never, ever, assume that you won't find what you're looking for at a school surplus auction!! I went to one last weekend and look at the cool vintage school chest that I scored for a mere $12.00 bid!
Isn't this a fun piece? What about the vintage fan that my nephew turned into a lamp?

I couldn't stop with just one, of course, so I bought a matching light green one too! With a lot of rearranging they are now settling into their new home as part of my eclectic decor.  I also purchased 2 roll down hanging world maps for $1 each and a vintage army green filing cabinet with brass handles for $1.

This week has been full of rearranging furniture, designing new jewelry creations and destashing junk jewelry to sell in my booth.  Take a look!

JUNK JEWELRY! Jars filled to the top with jewelry and random finds!

Rustic Copper Bezels filled with Dandelion Wishes encased in Resin

Vintage Spoon Bowl reshaped into a Whimsical Heart Pendant

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I Love The what I am going to

I Love The what I am going to call make a wish necklace.

I love your spoon bowl

I love your spoon bowl pendant!!! And that chest...what a score!!!!

Thank you! Michele I love

Thank you! Michele I love creating my jewelry and that chest was a great find!

Love that!

Love that!

Love your jewelry Lisa (and I

Love your jewelry Lisa (and I don't wear jewelry)! Pinning the gorgeous vintage spoon pendant to share ☺

Thank you! Marie..that's a

Thank you! Marie..that's a true compliment and thank you for sharing!

$12.00 for that old chest?

$12.00 for that old chest? Wow, what a find. Love your beautiful jewelry too. Thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town.

Lisa- will you be selling the

Lisa- will you be selling the dandelion necklaces? I just LOVE them- please let me know if they end up in your Etsy shop! Thanks for sharing with us at Talk of the Town!!

Yes! $12 and $20 for a green

Yes! $12 and $20 for a green one...I couldn't believe it!

Yes, I will be putting some

Yes, I will be putting some on this weekend and I'll let you know.

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