Family Rules Sign

I love signs with a message.  I made a larger version of this sign years ago as a house warming gift for my best friend.  Here's your chance to make one for yourself!

I've decided to do something a bit different this time as far as a tutorial goes.  Instead of creating a step by step list of instructions on my Blog I'll be sending an email with a .pdf or a .pub file of the entire wording layout so you can print and make your own sign. I will also let you know what I used to trace the words onto the board and how I distressed and protected the finished product.

I love the message but you can always change it up and plug in words or phrases that speak to you. If you have Microsoft Publisher you can click on each of the text boxes and change the wording, font, or even change the size of the page. 

All you have to do is (one) of the following:
  1. Comment on my can comment as Anonymous if you don't have a Google ID or you can post as NAME/'s really easy!
  2. Follow my Blog by email or even better... join my Blog if you already have or want to sign up for a Google ID.
When you've done (one) of the above please send me an email at  
and I'll reply with your files.
    I know you'll love making your sign!
     photo signature_zps4ukqbwtb.png

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    Love the sign...I want to

    Love the sign...I want to make it for our daughters and their families!

    Great! I'll send you the file

    Great! I'll send you the file shortly...thank you!!

    Would love

    Would love this!

    The family rules sign and

    The family rules sign and improving the technical different this time as far as a tutorial goes and sending size of the page. For more visit the site and making the text boxes and change the wording.

    You always can publish

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