Rusty Goodness Drought Tolerant Planting

Well, let me say that if I had lived closer to this sale I would have owned all of this rusty perfection. I only ended up with 5 of these rusty kettles at $1 each and I love them.  I bought them because I love rust and could envision them filled with succulents.  I finally got around to making one today and this is what I did from start to finish.

Look at this! Isn't it beautiful?
 This one didn't have a bale but it's still cool!
 I didn't have to, but I gave it a light coat of clear satin just to preserve the rusty goodness and...I may want it inside at some point.  Notice the rusted out drain hole!
 I filled it with potting soil for cactus and filled it with succulents that I already have growing around my house.
 Old stumps make great plant stands!
 I'm loving it!
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wow.. I would have just seen

wow.. I would have just seen a rusty pot. I love it! Doris Jayroe :-)

That's because you're

That's because you're "normal" Doris and I'm not!

Love that you saw beyond just

Love that you saw beyond just a rusty pot!

Thank you! Please check back

Thank you! Please check back often!

I would have grabbed those

I would have grabbed those rusty pots too! Good idea to give it a coat of sealer, and I love your tree stump plant stand!

Thank you! I picked those up

Thank you! I picked those up in the Lodi/Stockton area at an Estate sale...they have the best sales up there! Like I said...I would have probably bought all of them if I had room plus the wrought iron gates!

Lovely, I love rusty

Lovely, I love rusty too...and succulents. Just planted some more recently.

I love them and that's really

I love them and that's really good since that's about all that will thrive here right now. We're in such a drought situation that our watering is limited so I dug up 1/2 of my front yard and planted succulents in pots along with a few other drought tolerant plants. I actually love my front yard now! I'll post a pic of what I've done soon.

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Love this

I really love these plants, especially because they can survive well in our dry weather. With limited watering due to the drought, I decided to change things up in my front yard. I dug up half of it and planted succulents in pots, along with some other plants that can tolerate the lack of water. I have to say, I absolutely adore my front yard now! I'll be sure to share a picture of my new creation soon.

This really help full

I am thrilled with these plants, especially because they are thriving in our current drought situation. With limited watering, I made a bold move and transformed half of my front yard. I planted succulents in pots, along with other plants that can withstand the lack of water. I am genuinely in love with my new front yard! Stay tuned for a picture of my beautiful creation. And if you're looking for professional resume writing services, consider hiring a reputable resume writer in Edmonton to enhance your career prospects.

Rusty Charm Transformed

What a creative way to repurpose those rusty kettles! Your vision for incorporating succulents is brilliant. It's amazing how Halo Detailing can inspire ideas beyond car detailing. The combination of rustic charm and drought-tolerant plants is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable. Truly a masterpiece of ingenuity and resourcefulness!

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