JUNK Lamp Parts + Imagination = Jewelry Display

This is me at an Estate Sale...I get out of my SUV and head straight to the garage, barn, shed or backyard while everyone else is running inside trying to find the antique rare glass and fine art!  That's not to say that I don't end up there looking for random pieces of old jewelry, etc. but it's not my first priority.  I'm drawn to the jars filled with random hinges, nuts, bolts, hooks, and keys that can usually only be found in the "man's" area. You just never know what treasure awaits you in the coffee can tucked high on a shelf or that wooden crate covered in spider webs. You may think I'm from Crazy Town but, that's okay!....I just happen to be Mayor there! :) 

This REPURPOSED LAMP/JEWELRY HOLDER  is a great example of what you can create with those finds!  I bought a box of old lamp parts and a couple of lamps with missing pieces at an Estate Sale for no specific reason other than I wanted them and I knew I'd be inspired at some point to make something awesome!  First I picked out a cool base and just started building from there.  The shade was purchased at another time and I found it in my pile of rusty junk and voila!...a perfect piece to take to shows for a jewelry display.  I plan on electrifying it soon so I can use it in my home in between shows.  I love it!

Started out with this plus some junk lamps and a rusty shade

Ended up with this!

I love the chippy painted base on this piece

Beautiful! Jewelry Display!
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Looking forward to seeing it

Looking forward to seeing it lit up! Love it. Love reading your blog.

Thank you! Bestie!

Thank you! Bestie!

What a fabulous creation and

What a fabulous creation and SO perfect for displaying your jewelry. I love a good pile of old lamp parts. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Vintage Inspiration Party.

Now that's COOL, great job! I

Now that's COOL, great job! I like to go to the garage first too. Usually there are only men out there and I find that often things that should be in the house somehow got to the garage!Tania

Thank you! Betsy!

Thank you! Betsy!

Yes, lots of men and lots of

Yes, lots of men and lots of looks wondering what in the world I'm doing? :)

As always, my favorite

As always, my favorite subject, such a talented visionary artist...looking forward to more!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Very interesting and eye

Very interesting and eye catching!

This is a beautiful

This is a beautiful amalgamation of rustic vintage charm and geometric modern design. I love the modern feel of the diamond shaped shade in perfect juxtaposition to the dated patina of the lamp. Such an imaginative way to market your lovely creations! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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JUNK Lamp Parts + Imagination = Jewelry Display

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